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Waste Away With Me (RenIchi Ficcy)

Title:  Waste Away With Me
Author: Meh, Kisu-Chan ^^
Rating: Hard R
Warnings:  Boy love, Smut, PWP, sorta... And lotsa fluff.
Summary:  Ichigo had been waiting for Renji to come home...
Dislaimer: Own Bleach? Me? Never!  Same goes for Everlong...
Author's Note:
Its not my best work, but its not that bad.  I'm semi-proud of it.  But I love me some Bleach and I love me some Foo Fighters.  It doesnt hurt to mix things up once in a while.  I highly recommend you listen to Everlong while reading this ^^ 

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Ah, it's 4 in the morning... Im going to bed now.... *Snores*
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How to Care For Your Uke

Title:  How to Care For Your Uke
Author:  Me  ^^
Warnings:  Swearing, Sexual References, Crack, Pure Crack
Summary:  Renji's Guid to Caring for Delicate Ukes
Author's Note:  I dont know what happened... I mean, I tried to write smut... And.... I'm sorry...  But, If I'm on good terms with my bitchy muse, then maybe this might turn into a series....
Disclaimer: I dont own Bleach.... *Sobs in the corner*

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RenIchi: Never seen it coming


Ok, so yeah, I've been wanting to write.  I've been wanting to write til my fingers are nothing but stubs.   But I'm at a horrible standstill.  I want to write RenIchi yaoi... But I cant.  I lack ideas.  I'm usually inspired by music, but.... Nothing seems to inspire me lately.  I also used to use moments from my life and put it into awesome yaoi form... But.... My life has so much drama, it's not even worth typing and whatnot...  *Sighs*   There are times when I think  "I want smut", and I can picture all the sweat and goodness in my head, but when I sit and try to type, it seems like my fingers fail me, or my idea is crappier than I think.  There are several people on my F-List that have had birthdays in March (Seriously, happy birthday, btw, I love y'all), and I was thinking... "Yaoi, I can give them yaoi"  (Which was the main reason I was added by them anyways *sob sob*  Ha ha ha.....  So yea, here I sit, waiting for something to hit me... I'm going to attempt some smut.  If it comes out good, then you'll know....  Til then....

Ai Shite Imasu,

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My return after a LONG hiatus... With FanFic... Enjoy please..?

Title: Blind Love (Chapter 9)
Author: Meh, Kisu-Chan
Rating: PG-15 (Or a little higher...)
Pairings: RenIchi, One-sided ByaRen
Warnings: Boy Love, language, ooc-ness,  mentioned molestation/rape, ebil Bya-kun, crappy writing, and some crappy spelling.
Yes, I own Bleach. I'm also a compulsive liar.
Author's Notes:
I'm so, so, so, so, sorry this took forever to come out with! Please, enjoy. Also, I will take any form of... Um... Attack for not finding and posting sooner. (My fanfic journal was found under my bed, by the way.) Again, I apologize...

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Writer's Block: Phobias

Do you have a remarkable phobia? Does your phobia have a large impact on your life?
 Yeah, I do, actually. I am terrified of loud noises. It doesn't matter if it's loud music or someone yelling. I will freak the hell out and possible start crying. I have no idea why. I have always been terrified of loud noises. 

Also, ironically, I'm scared of complete silence. I feel like someone is plotting to hurt me and I get extremely paranoid. I need some sort of noise, just so that I feel safe....

That doesnt make me crazy, right?

Writer's Block: Becoming a TV Character

If you could be any character from any TV show, who would you be and why?
 I'd like to be Shuuichi Shindou from Gravitation! He's an awesome singer, has an uber hot boyfriend, and the cutestest singer ever is in love with him! Plus, it'd be cool to have pink hair! Yay for yaoi!

Or I'd like to be Rena from Higurashi no naku koro ni! I'd love to have a crazy split personality, wield a wicked hooked machete, and be best friends with another really hot guy!  Yay for horror anime!
LxLight say Bunny-chan

Writer's Block: You, the Movie

If your life was made into a movie, what type of movie would you want it to be? Who would you choose to play yourself? Who would play the important people in your life?
 I have thought about this before. I want it to be a horror movie. Where at first, it looks all happy, and then, BAM! There's a murder! And everyone starts to get suspicious of each other. And the real murderer was..... DUN DUN DUN! Me! And then I take the few that found out my secret to my secret underground torture chamber! There I, obviously, torture them to my hearts content. But then one of them says something, that makes me think "OMG, Im insane!". And then I set them free, and, even though Im a serial killer, they take me in. And comfort me. 
I would like someone who can sound sadistic and mentally deranged but at the same time act innocent to play me. Then I'd have Elvis play Noe, John Heder (with his hair dyed black) to play selena, some brat to play Tallie, and some lady with attitude to play my mom. ^^